Aubrey's kitties, Mulder And Scully

Animals have been a source of joy and inspiration for me for as long as I can remember, and I've owned and cared for many animals throughout the course of my life.  Even when I had decided that I wanted to pursue a degree in studio art as a young teen, the love and passion for animals never left me; most of my art throughout my life revolved around animal imagery, including my college thesis.  But eventually, as I grew and changed, it dawned on me that an art career wasn't what I wanted to do with my life after all.  After graduating with my BA in 2013, I had moved back in with my family in Monroe, taking on various temporary jobs that brought me money but no satisfaction. 
One day, by sheer luck I stumbled upon an offer for my very first kennel job.  From that moment on, I knew I had found my true calling, and that a lifetime of being drawn towards animals had led me to that moment.  Now I cannot imagine doing anything else but work with animals!  Six months after I took on the job, I moved to Winston-Salem, where I started work at another kennel, and there I stayed for almost 3 years. 
During my second year, I was promoted to Enrichment Specialist, where I was able to work one-on-one with dogs to provide individualized positive reinforcement training, activities for sensory and mental stimulation, exercise, and cuddle sessions.  We worked on gradually building the social skills and confidence needed for less socialized dogs to safely and enjoyably interact with other dogs.  It's always rewarding to see how much of a difference a little patience, consistency, and love can make in an animal's life!  Additionally, through this job, I completed two dog behavior courses and a first aid course, along with the 3+ years spent monitoring large groups of dogs, redirecting inappropriate behavior and using leadership skills to ensure fun and safety for everyone.  I continued pet-sitting in the meantime when I could find the time in my full-time work schedule.
Despite my experience with pet sitting and loving it, I never thought I'd be able to make a career out of it until after I moved to Durham in February of 2018, where my best friend connected me with Jess and her successful pet sitting business, and I was offered a job.  It was almost too good to be true!  Now I'm ecstatic to be a part of the Gray Cat Pet Sitting team doing what I love!


Brandy is a fabulous part-time administrative assistant for Gray Cat Pet Sitting, and she also works full-time as an animal care technician at a large corporation in Raleigh.  The large corporation is where her and Jess originally met years ago and became fast friends!

Brandy is a wife and a mother to an adorable little boy. She also has a fish aquarium at her home.  In her spare time she enjoys reading and going to church.  She also loves to take the occasional road trip to visit friends and family.

My roommate and I found Mulder as a stray 4 month old kitten, starving and crying.  The first moment we saw him, he immediately ran toward us as if we were best friends, and he refused to leave our side.  Taking him in as our own was one of the best decisions we ever made!  He absolutely loves being cuddled and brushed, bird-watching, taking long naps, playing peek-a-boo (and fetch occasionally), and shoveling kitty litter out of his litter box!
Scully was brought home by my roommate one day less than a year later at about 6 months old.  Originally, we were going to foster her to find a new home, but not only did we fall more and more in love with her affectionate, frisky personality, Mulder immediately took a liking to her and was thrilled to have a new friend to play with.  Separating them was out of the question, so Scully quickly became the newest member of our family.  She's a huge fan of playing fetch with her favorite seahorse toy, stretching herself out on her belly to make herself as long as possible, lap-cuddling, window-watching, and singing/yelling for attention!.

Compassionate care for your precious pets.